Friday, 10 September 2010

The Best Hangover Cure - Talybont Reservoir Hills - Easy - approx. 6 miles

The day after a good friend's wedding in Brecon Castle, I woke up with a fair to moderate hangover. A bike ride had seemed like a brilliant idea the day before.

We stayed in a lovely B&B - The Bridge Cafe - lovely rooms, fantastic organic/free-range breakfast and chickens in the garden. And, of course, bike friendly. So friendly that they told where was good to ride and even printed out a map for us.

Park in the lay-by at the north west corner of the reservoir. Travel south along the road. When you reach a car park on the left turn R onto a gravel into the woods.

So far so good - nice and easy and didn't feel too sick.

The path rises at a medium slope and becomes rocky but not challenging.

Ok. I didn't sign up for hills this morning. It is a long climb and warranted quite a major strop. It took around an hour to climb - but the views from the top were spectacular. The mountains tower over you, the tops shrouded in mist. The wooded valley seems to stretch out for eternity below and it feels as though you are the only people in the world.

Follow the path round to the L and follow it all the way back down to the road.

This down hill made the climb more than worth it! It was pure indulgence! With smooth forestry track under the wheels, cool driving rain and plenty of puddles to splash through - I was in heaven!

When you reach the road turn L and follow it all the way back to the lay-by.

You could extend this ride by turning R at the road and then joining the Taff Trail to follow the opposite side of the reservoir back to the starting point.

And I'm cured! There is no trace of the hangover just that lovely feeling of being tired and muddy and looking forward to a hot shower.

K Rating: KKKKK