Friday, 26 February 2010

Brecon (yellow) - Visiter Centre Route - 5 miles

Stepping out of the car at the Brecon National Park visitor centre the sun was shining and the only sound was birdsong.

The centre has toilets, a shop (where you can buy trail maps) and a cafe. Unfortunately we only had enough money for one coffee between the two of us and it was tiny and too strong - but the amazing views of the mountains made up for it.

Turn left out of the visitor centre car park and continue straight on to BW
The ride is marked as easy and starts right from the visitor centre. At the end of a short section of quiet road we came to a boggy track which was not very easy, but manageable and good fun if you like getting muddy! Two red kites appeared over head - the first of many.

When you get to the road turn immedietely right and right again onto another BW
After another short ride on a road we were onto another bridleway and a field full of hungry sheep. We let the farmer and his dogs do their thing before moving on. To our surprise (and a little horror) the entire flock turned to follow us. We rolled down a gentle hill and stopped to eat our sandwiches.
At the bottom of the hill we crossed a small stream (with ice-cold water!) and then rode up a small sheep-path through dense gorse bushes that prickled our legs.

Turn right onto metalled road
A couple of fairly long hills left me breathless - but my bike was stuck on the middle gear. If I had a proper bike it would have been easy.  Mine sounded like a tractor. This stretch offered magnificent views of the snow capped Brecons, reflected in the still frozen ponds.

Turn right onto BW
Doubling back on ourselves, we enjoyed an easy roll back down to the visitor centre.

On the whole this ride was easy, with beatiful views, great for relaxing.

K-Rating: kkk