Monday, 10 May 2010

Cwmcarn: Twrch Trail – Difficult – 10 Miles

Attempt No. 1 - FAIL

Rocky start. Literally and figuratively. The ride starts right from the car park with easy to follow signposting. I began by slipping and sliding my way up into the woods. Once there things got a bit easier, with lots of fun rollercoaster ups and downs, and rocks and roots to bump over (and the odd little jump). I started to enjoy myself.

A little too much. After a quick downhill my front wheel hit a rock and stopped dead. The me and the back wheel kept going.

After taking much of the skin off my elbow and growing a chicken egg under the skin on my knee, my husband picked me up and dusted me off. We admitted defeat when we realised that I had bent my handle bars round and didn't have the tools to fix it. I had a small strop about not being able to do what boys can do.

Then I saw two girls go past and decided - I will not let it beat me! Will keep you posted about Attemp No. 2.

More info on the MBWales website.